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  • Please Stay on Designated Trails

    Below is a link to a KKTV newscast at RRCOS about the importance of staying on designated trails and the damage caused by rogue trails. https://www.kktv.com/2021/08/24/destructive-avoidable-park-rangers-reminding-hikers-not-go-off-trails-or-take-short-cuts/


    Historical Quarry Photos

    These photos were sent to FoRRC by Scott Schow, great, great grandson of the original founder of the Greenlee Quarry. The Second photo is of Juanita Schow and Bud Greenlee, grandchildren of the original owner of the quarry.

    News from Ranger Wes

      As many of you are aware, an individual drowned and was recovered on August 17th. I do not have any information to relay beyond which was covered in the news. KKTV had pretty thorough coverage, I would refer you to their story for details.
    RMFI will be coming back to work on the Sand Canyon/Contemplative Trail corridor in the next few weeks and will be focusing on closure and restoration of rogue trails and braiding/devegetated areas, as well as improvements to the Contemplative Trail- building steps at the Northern end of contemplative trail, and fencing closures to ensure they have the best chance at being successful. RMFI will also be adding an alternate line along the identified bike feature just North of the start of Contemplative Trail. This will differ from our initial discussion and will likely entail an option line which bypasses the rock entirely and skirt the Western edge, as opposed to a dedicated ramp which would require significantly more labor. We can perform a site visit if requested.

    We are applying for a VOC project for 2022, to work on restoration in the Contemplative/Sand Canyon corridor, focusing on some particularly stubborn rogue trails. This corridor will be our primary focus going in to 2022 for restoration efforts. See image below.

    In late September and Early October, we will have several Eagle Scout projects focusing on restoration. They will focus on completing work in Sand Canyon from our 2020 VOC day, closure of a rogue trail along the Upper Hogback Trail, and closure of a Rogue trail connecting the White Acres Trail to Pulloff #1 on Gold Camp Rd.

    This September we will  be performing improvements and maintenance to vehicle access roads, similar to the work along the Mesa, Greenlee, and North end of Sand Canyon trails. This work will add and maintain existing water diversion and drainage structures. Work is expected to be less intensive then last years’. I will keep the board updated with precise dates, and if we decide closures would be needed.

    Homeless encampments have been a stubborn issue the last couple of months, including a very visible encampment along Hwy 24 just West of 31st. I am meeting with CDOT, CSPD HHomeless Outreach Team, and El Paso County Sheriff to discuss and try to come up with solutions to this issue. As always, if you observe camps or signs of encampment, please reach out to myself as well as CSPD’s HOT (719-444-7666, CSPDHot@coloradosprings.gov) or use the GoCOS! App. Additional reporting not only helps me keep on top of it, but helps keep this issue on the forefront with other city organizations- the squeaky wheel gets the grease and all.

    We were able to reinforce the new alignment of Lion Tr using a combination of boulders and reclamation techniques. Signage has been printed and will be installed.

    MWTA hosted an event to improve drainage in the bike skills park, and this looks like it is holding well!

    Oct 14-18 will be our Leave No Trace Hotspot week! This week will focus on Stratton and Palmer Parks, but will be system-wide in its reach. More info to come, but we will have numerous events throughout!

    Oct 14, we will be hosting an event focused on accessibility, including the use of track chairs on our trails- these are a tracked version of a powered wheelchair and afforded the same protection as an accessibility device. We are proud to be partnering with CPW and others in an effort to ensure our open spaces are accessible to all persons.


    If you have an idea of how to improve our open space please share it with us. Your friends’ group Board of Directors is looking for suggestions and we will consider all reasonable ideas. Please contact us here .


    Here is a link to an article on trail etiquette from The Know Outdoors:   Trail Etiquette: For hikers, runners and mountain bikers.

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