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  • Statement in support of Protect Our Parks, Ballot Initiative 2B

    The Board of Directors of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon Open Space support Colorado Springs Ballot Initiative 2B which requires voter approval before the City can sell or trade public parks and open space. This initiative was the product of several meetings between City parks, legal and administrative staff and community members. More than 80% of other cities in Colorado already require a vote of the people to sell or trade parklands to a private entity.

    Also on the Colorado Springs ballot is Initiative 2C, offered as an alternative to a vote by the people. Ballot Initiative 2C only requires a super majority ( 7 votes) of CityCouncil members to authorize the sale or trade of public parks and open space. There is no requirement for voter approval. Initiative 2C was proposed by a City Council member who believes that City Council is better positioned than the voters to decide these issues and that it is a quicker and cheaper option than a vote by the people.

    These are competing Initiatives. Whichever Initiative receives the most Yes votes will be enacted. Therefore the Board is recommending a YES vote on 2B and a NO vote on 2C.

    TOPS properties, like Red Rock Canyon Open Space, are excluded from 2B and 2C because the City TOPS ordinance already requires a vote by the people before any TOPS property can be sold or traded. The Board believes that all parks and open spaces should have the same protections as TOPS properties.

    For more information go to protectourparkscs.org



    Unfortunately we have found several new homeless camps along Hwy 24 and just West of the 31st St lot. We encourage anyone from the public to report these issues to the  Parks dept, or to submit a request through the GoCOS! App or at https://coloradosprings.gov/page/citizen-request-gocosprings-app


    If you have an idea of how to improve our open space please share it with us. Your friends’ group Board of Directors is looking for suggestions and we will consider all reasonable ideas. Please contact us here .

    FoRRC Removing Invasive Weeds

    Three FoRRC board members and their wives spent the morning removing invasive weeds between Upper Codell Trail and the landfill road below the White Acres pavilion on 8/24/2020. Ranger Wes requested the Friends’ help with this task a week ago and the Friends responded by removing toadflax, thistle and mullen. Big thanks to the City for its support of this effort.


    Climbing on The Whale, Red Rock Canyon.

    Thanks to FoRRC alliance with the Pikes Peak Climbers Association and Board member Stewart Green, four new top-rope anchors were installed at the wall East of the Quarry, to prevent climbers from using trees as anchors..


    Here is a link to an article on trail etiquette from REI:   Trail Etiquette: 5 Rules of Etiquette Every Hiker Should Know

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