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  • The Heart of the Canyon

    The Friends of Red Rock Canyon would like to establish a new trail connecting the two main canyons, called “The Heart of the Canyon.” Please view our video, Heart of the Canyon, for more information. https://youtu.be/q4UxDru_wew

    Urban Wildlands by Aaron Rogers, TOSC Program and Event Coordinator Jan 2019

    The Pikes Peak region thrives on urban wilderness. These special parks give users the feeling they are miles away from the hustle and bustle of civilization; but in reality, they can see their neighborhoods from the highest points in the park. Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a unique urban wilderness. A twelve-minute drive from the interstate gives thousands upon thousands of urbanites and travelers the opportunity to disco nect and recharge. When we think of Red Rock Canyon, we think of world class mountain bike trails and challenging rock climbing. We all tend to forget about the other park users who move at a slower pace or wish to find trails that are more contemplative than strenuous. Our urban wilderness parks are where toddlers will go on their first hikes or where seniors go to stay active, but still have access to benches. Because of the location to other attractions, Red Rocks Canyon draws in the tourists who want more photographs than steps at the end of their adventure. From birders to artists to forest-bathers, Red Rocks pulls in a diverse crowd that extends well beyond the extreme outdoor recreation due to the park’s centralized location. As a community, we need to consider all the different park users when considering master plans and new trail construction. The fastest, steepest, and long trails with regional connectivity are celebrated and extremely vital; however, our community needs the simple loops too.

    Citywide BioBlitz scheduled for April 26-29, 2019

    This is a citywide BioBlitz in which we will be participating on April 26-29. Over 100 other cities on six continents will also be participating in this.  Essentially this program invites citizens to get outside, find wildlife, plants and insects across the city, take photos of as many species as they can find and upload them into a website so we can categorize all that we discover. More information can be found here and here.  Red Rock Canyon Open Space will also conduct a Bioblitz in July to identify flora and fauna in our park so stay tuned!

    Recap of Work in the Park done in 2018

    The below statistics were taken from Rocky Mountain Field Institute’s (RMFI) 2018 TOPS Project Report. Remember, these statistics include Red Rock Canyon volunteers and crew leaders who also work with RMFI.

    213 Volunteers; 1,191.25 volunteers hours worked valued at $29,411.96; 11 volunteer work days; 8 volunteer crew leaders with 58.5 crew leader hours worked valued at $1,444.36; 9 youth corps members with 67.5 hours worked.

    Some highlights of the work accomplished included: 1,114 linear feet of new trail built; 615 feet of new trail corridor cleared; 4,571 feet of renegade trail restored; 98 check dams installed; 31.05 pounds of seed planted; 739 transplants; 8,855 cubic yards of soil moved; 13.95 tons of rock moved. Thank you volunteers!


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