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  • Historical Quarry Photos

    These photos were sent to FoRRC by Scott Schow, great, great grandson of the original founder of the Greenlee Quarry. The Second photo is of Juanita Schow and Bud Greenlee, grandchildren of the original owner of the quarry.

    News from Ranger Wes

    ·         Work along the Northern Sand Canyon area and along Contemplative trail is wrapping up for the season –  we will be installing some additional sections of buck and rail fencing in the area in conjunction with restoration work. Work will resume this fall and will include more rogue trail closures and restoration. RMFI and our team will be working on some step and check dam repair along the Contemplative Trail buck and rail fencing is also being installed to close the old Greenlee Trail roadbed.

    ·         VOC will be working with us for Public Lands Day on June 26th and 27th closing rogue trails in the bottom of the canyon west of the Sand Canyon Trail and numerous “feeder” rogue trails. This event can be viewed here: https://www.trailsandopenspaces.org/get-involved/volunteer/

    ·         All trees in the picnic area are planted and protected with snow fencing. One tree has yet to show new growth, the rest are looking good!

    ·         The old roadbeds along Lion,  Greenlee, and the large former trail bed for the Ridgeline Trail are all seeing green growth. The shrubs we planted along Greenlee are doing well. The rain this year has been wonderful!

    ·         The department is exploring options for water in the upper pond, including the option to pump water from the lower pond to the upper. I will keep you updated.

    ·         If you haven’t already, please consider taking a survey on the RRCOS geological and history loop– we are seeking input: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/b48a6c67f9654263bfdb1730b4a09f5b

       On the topic of invasive plants: Invasive plants are starting to bloom, so on your next hike(s) please consider removing some of our “Most Wanted”: Dalmatian Toadflax, Canada Thistle, diffuse knapweed, and Myrtle Spurge. Even taking little bits and pieces out helps with mitigation!

    o   All of these can be manually pulled- any flowers/seed heads need to be snipped and thrown away to prevent seed dispersal. Myrtle spurge sap is caustic so gloves should be worn while pulling- contact with eyes can cause serious damage. Thistles are spiny, so gloves are advised.

    o   There are some especially infested areas- these may be spots we want to look at for volunteer events

    §  Dalmatian Toadflax along the landfill road/in white acres, and along the Red Rock Rim trail

    §  Canada Thistle immediately South of the Upper Pond between the RRC Path and RRC Trail

    o   More info/pictures for ID can be found here:



    Unfortunately we have found several new homeless camps along Hwy 24 and just West of the 31st St lot. We encourage anyone from the public to report these issues to the  Parks dept, or to submit a request through the GoCOS! App or at https://coloradosprings.gov/page/citizen-request-gocosprings-app


    If you have an idea of how to improve our open space please share it with us. Your friends’ group Board of Directors is looking for suggestions and we will consider all reasonable ideas. Please contact us here .


    Here is a link to an article on trail etiquette from The Know Outdoors:   Trail Etiquette: For hikers, runners and mountain bikers.

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