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  • September 12, 2023 News from Ranger Wes

    Roundup Pond Reclamation Site:

    • The bridge has been installed! This was our last major step for this project, although we will be making minor adjustments to the trail (including storm repairs) and final worksite cleanup.
    • The majority of our revegetation work has been completed, but we will be continuing some revegetation work intermittently for some time in the form of volunteer projects as opportunities/interested parties present themselves.

    Trails project: Sec 16/Parallel/Waterfall:

    • Np updates to speak of, work is continuing. I walked the trails last week and am really happy with the work being done!
    • Our contractor installed a handful of wayfinding posts (stickers not yet applied) along Section 16/Parallel/Waterfall trails

     Trails project: Mesa Trail:

    • Replacement fencing for the trailhead should be going in next week or the following week.

    Bike Park:

    • Medicine Wheel, MTB with Stacy, and myself worked on an armored berm in the bike skills park- an additional workday will be required to complete it.

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    June 22, 2023 Trail Improvements Update

    This from David Deitemeyer, Senior Lanscape Architect, City Parks Department:

    Wanted to share a quick update that our trail contractor for the improvements in Red Rock Canyon Open Space has now mobilized over to the last phase of work on the Palmer Trail, Parallel Trail and Waterfall Trail area. We anticipate this work to take about two-three months with very minimal impact on public access. Any trail access closures may only be limited to sections of the Parallel Trail later in the project. Those details will be made available as we get closer.

    At this time, the contractor will build portions of the new Palmer Trail (from the east side of the Parallel Trail intersection) and the Waterfall Trails over the next few weeks. Both the new section when built and old section of the Palmer Trail at the west end of the project site are planned to be open for about two weeks together before the old, very washed-out, unsustainable section is decommissioned.  This will hopefully allow some time for trail users to get to know the changes. Temporary signage will also be added in this area.

    More details to come as the work progresses but wanted to make sure your groups were aware of the next phase of work. Feel free to reach out to Wes or I with any questions or comments.



    June 8, 2023 Hogback Valley Trail Update

    Crews will begin closing the former “Hogback Valley Trail” on the east side of Red Rock Canyon Open Space on Monday, June 12. Originally constructed as an access road by the former landowner, this trail was unsustainable and prone to erosion. The new Chamberlain Trail, which opened in early May, now provides a sustainable trail corridor to replace the existing access road.

    Field Trip for Ute Pass Elementary School 2023

    On  May 1 the Friends of Red Rock Canyon partnered with the school and the City of Colorado Springs to host a full day field trip for the entire student body of Ute Pass Elementary, consisting of 175 students, teachers and parents. The school was able to secure a grant to purchase native flora for the students to plant in the area of the old reclaimed catch pond and the newly redesigned Roundup Trail. Ranger Wes provided safety instruction and was joined by about six other rangers and David, Glenn, Shanti, Sean, Dave and Dan from the board. Everyone had a great time and a rewarding experience.


    FoRRC Helps Ute Pass Elementary Get Leave No Trace Accreditation

    Last fall, the Friends received a gracious letter from an instructor at Ute Pass Elementary school thanking us for helping them achieve a Leave No Trace Youth Program Accreditation. This is the first school in the nation to do this. Read details HERE. On April 22, 2022, FoRRC teamed up with teachers, parents and students from the school for an educational field day in Red Rock Canyon Open Space for this(see below). 

    Please Stay on Designated Trails

    Below is a link to a KKTV newscast at RRCOS about the importance of staying on designated trails and the damage caused by rogue trails. https://www.kktv.com/2021/08/24/destructive-avoidable-park-rangers-reminding-hikers-not-go-off-trails-or-take-short-cuts/


    Historical Quarry Photos

    These photos were sent to FoRRC by Scott Schow, great, great grandson of the original founder of the Greenlee Quarry. The Second photo is of Juanita Schow and Bud Greenlee, grandchildren of the original owner of the quarry.


    If you have an idea of how to improve our open space please share it with us. Your friends’ group Board of Directors is looking for suggestions and we will consider all reasonable ideas. Please contact us here .

    Trail Tip of the Month-Rock Cairns

    Here is a link to an interesting article about on rock cairns at National parks: Rock Cairns



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