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  • Non-Profit of the Month at Trails End Taproom

    We had a great month at the Taproom. Friends of Red Rock Canyon, Manitou CATS and Friends of the Peak did fourteen volunteer days (three days a week) and more than sixty hours of volunteer time for this event.  We made some new friends and had some interesting conversations with all the different user groups who attended our fundraiser.  We cannot thank Trails End Taproom enough for their generous Non-Profit of the Month program.

    August Fundraiser a Success at Trails End Taproom

    On October 11th the Trails End Taproom presented Friends of Red Rock Canyon and Friends of the Peak with the proceeds donated at the Taproom during the month of August. The total proceeds were $6,216.00! Each group received $3,108.00!

    The Board of Directors of both groups worked hard to make this event a success and we wish to thank all of our supporters and the Taproom in this endeavor.


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