History in Stone

By Ruth Obee

Ruth Obee’s new book History in Stone: The Story of Red Rock Canyon, is a 260-page narrative that begins, â la James Michener, with the area’s geological origins, dating back 1.75 billion years to some of the oldest rock on the planet.  It tells the story of recently discovered dinosaur tracks, marine fossils, and archeological evidence of an early human presence on the open space.   Red Rock Canyon’s rich and diverse wildlife ecology is fully detailed in first-time lists of flora and fauna – from iconic Colorado wildflowers to big hairy carnivores.

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Geologic Folio Red Rock Canyon Open Space Colorado Springs, Colorado

by Ken Weissenburger, Sharon Milito, and Don Ellis.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space was acquired by the city in 2003 after years of hard work by a group of dedicated volunteers. The history of this breathtaking 789 acre extension of the Garden of the Gods described in the newly published Geologic Folio – Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Colorado Springs, Colorado began about 300 million years ago and continues today. The book reveals an unusual blend of history and geology in an area that had been privately owned since the late 1860’s and early 1870’s. You will find the geologic history of the park: ancient stream beds, sand dunes, shore lines, and oceans; fossils and dinosaurs. The book also covers exploration and geologic mapping of the region, quarries, mines, gold mills, and historic buildings using Red Rock Canyon stone.

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