March Update

TOPS Program Manager Britt Haley and David Deitemeyer, the City’s Parks, Trails and Open Space Planner visited with the  Friends’ board on March 9.  They advised of some future parking expansion possibilities including adding 30 to 45 spaces in the main lot, 15-18 spots at the 31st Street lot and 17 spaces at the 26th Street entrance. Also discussed was the Sand Canyon group picnic area and parking lot and it was noted public input would be required for this effort. A Board member noted space along the US 24 frontage road should also be explored for increased parking.

Mr. Deitemeyer reported three trails are scheduled for work in 2020: rerouting the Waterfall Trail, rerouting the Lions Trail and upgrading the Parallel Trail. Ms. Haley reported the City hopes to meet compliance standards on the landfill remediation project sometime in April or May and that is the top priority for the City until it is accomplished.  More updates will be passed along as we receive them.