Fire Mitigation in Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Successful Completion of MHYC’s First Winter Crew
The Colorado Springs Winter Fire Mitigation Crew began 35 weeks of work this winter which will span three seasons as part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Risk Reduction Program whose purpose is to protect property in the wildland-urban interface. Mile High Youth Corps Colorado Springs has been contracted to work in three areas for this project: Red Rock Canyon, Section 16 and Ute Valley Park.

The season came to an end last week and the project sponsor is thrilled with the progress the crew has made.

“Mile High Youth Corps has done an excellent job following the forest prescription for this area and I’m excited to get them back on this project in the spring.”-Dennis Will, Staff Forester, City of Colorado Springs

This is the first winter crew for MHYC and as far as we are aware the only winter crew in the state. This winter the crew worked through cold weather, rain and snow and according to crew leader Daniel Neiman all the while maintained a positive attitude. They completed fire mitigation on Section 16, a popular hiking destination in the Colorado Springs area, and removed all Siberian Elm from the treatment area in Red Rock Open Space. 700 cubic yards of Siberian Elm was chipped after removal and transported to Colorado Springs Utilities to be used to produce bio fuel. The crew also removed oak stand clusters, took out dead and downed trees and removed tangled barbed wire fencing. Our Corps members are excited to have made history as MHYC’s first ever winter crew!

Reprinted with permission: March 7, 2014 by Mile High Youth Corps