The Legend of Pikes Peak

Great Spirit labored, turning large stone round and round
‘Til blue sky was riven by gaping hole that he had ground.

Then down thru this funnel he poured mud, snow and trees;
Thus a great mountain grew with slopes carved by breeze.

Peaks’s earthen flesh sparked with tiny stars from above
And shone a deep rust red, reflecting Sunawiv’s love.

Flowers danced thru meadows and bathed their face in sun,
While Cloud People hovered to be near the bright Sacred One.

Then Great Spirit smiled, as he gazed on his tall Peak
while his beautiful daughter frolicked along a lazy creek.

She gathered fragrant blossoms in a hug to her chest,
Then lay be cool, swirling waters for a sweet, dreamy rest.

Brother Grizzly Bear saw her, in tall grass where she lay
And with plans to seduce her, he slowly lumbered her way.

A dark, handsome warrior, with long, silky hair of brown,
Made love to this comely maiden in her bower on the ground.

And when he rose from her, she cried and leapt to her feet –
In horror she saw a great, dark Grizzly in a hasty retreat.

The Ute, her dusky children, all have dark and silky hair –
To walk on all fours is how Sunawiv punished Quigat, bear.