Education Week 2015

Education Week 2015

August 24 -27th

With summer coming to a close and schools starting up, the Friends of Red Rock Canyon have in the spirit of education put together a series of our Talk and Walks.  Many of our planned Talk and Walks tentatively scheduled for this summer were cancelled with the closure of Red Rock Canyon earlier this year.  So now, we are excited to announce a “week” of Talk and Walks on a variety of outdoor subjects  being offered during the week beginning August 24th.

Check out the sessions below!
If you are interested in attending one of more of these sessions, please register with us by email or phone.  Though all are free, we do limit the amount of people who can attend.  Please let us know when registering;  which session you want to attend, how many people (please include children and their ages for the Educational Activities with Kindergarten and Pre-School Talk and Walk), and best way to contact you for confirmation.  You can email us at: or call David at 685-4792.
Culturally Modified Trees in Ute Valley Park
Monday, August 24, 5:30pm
(meeting at Ute Valley Park)
John Anderson, local author of,  “Ute Indian Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region”, will present and lead a hike to several culturally modified trees, CMTs found in Ute Valley Park.  This session will be at Ute Valley Park, not Red Rock Canyon.  Though a few trees have been identified in Red Rock Canyon, Ute Valley Park offers a better chance to see more CMTs.
Plants of Red Rock Canyon
Tuesday, August 25, 5:30pm
Amber Shanklin will be at Red Rocks to discuss the ecology of the area with an emphasis on the local vegetation. Learn about the region’s native and non-native plant species and what impacts they have in our open spaces. There will be a short discussion followed by a walk through the canyon identifying plants.Amber is the Pikes Peak Region Conservation Director at Palmer Land Trust where she works to conserve public and private lands for future generations. She has a master’s degree in ecology from Colorado State University and loves discussing ecology, disturbance, fire, and restoration with anyone who is interested!

Geology of Red Rock Canyon
Wednesday, August 26, 6:00pm
Anthony Maltese, a local paleontologist, will discuss geology in Red Rock Canyon.  His Talk and Walk will lead us up through geological time while focusing on the animals and plants that lived in the open space.  Red Rock Canyon is an excellent place to see many geologic formations within hiking range!
Educational Activities
for Pre-School and Kindergartens

Thursday, August 27, 10:00am
Teresa Valier, a veteran kindergarten teacher, will offer activities to develop the love of nature for youngsters in the outdoors.  Activities focus on awareness of environment that will help them appreciate the natural surroundings.  Parents, Grandparents, and any one working with small children will enjoy using these educational activities.  Handouts will be given out to use later, thus children don’t need to be present, but can attend.  Only 1 hour long.
Red Rock Canyon Pond

The Quarry at Red Rock Canyon